How to Get A quality Builder

So you want to get a quality builder?

Well sure you do and you know what I’m just going to give it to you straight, you know tell it to you like it is so here goes…..

There are plenty of building companies out there and if you end up giving your money to cowboys it is totally your own fault for not having done the job of employing a builder properly.

Building Works

In life you get treated the way you allow yourself to, so if you want to get ripped off just go ahead take anyone on, do not do the job of employing a builder properly and when the whole thing has gone belly up don’t come crying to us because it will all be your own fault!

Does that sound tough? Well I’m sorry life is touch and if you act like an idiot you will get treated like an idiot!

But if you want to do the job of employing a builder properly here are some top tips for how to go about it:

Always ask the right questions. Ask your builder key questions and insist on certain basic prerequisites before you even consider giving them a single penny of your money.


  1. Will this job require Building Regulations Approval
  2. Will it need Planning Permission
  3. Is the company registered with a competent person scheme and able to submit planning applications for you
  4. Always ask for and take up their references
  5. Before the meeting be clear about exactly what you want to achieve
  6. If you don’t like the way the builder talks to you do not proceed with employing them – remember you get treated the way you allow people to treat you and if they are difficult now what will they be like when a problem occurs
  7. Get a fixed price quote in writing – this will form the basis of a contract between you and the contractor
  8. Check the company has the relevant insurance
  9. Consider using a company such as Dial A Builder or one of their local divisions such as Dial A Builder Manchester to help you with contractor selection

Basic Prerequisites

  1. Always get a fixed price quote and never accept a day rate
  2. Always get a written quote
  3. Only ever work with a binding contract in place

If the contractor is not prepared to give you these things then walk away. Remember it’s your house your money and you are in charge. Be fair but firm.

If you want help click here to find builders local to you.